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Monday, October 27, 2008

tower body study

This is an experiment i did some time ago ,the use of analysis tools for form finding is becoming one of the top priorities in my research work that's why i have been using lately Ecotect which is a very powerful enviormental analysis tool.
In this project i made a simple algorithm based on a simple geometry ( ellipse) in order to generate the volume of a tower building . The form of the building was optimized to reduce the wind pressure loads this was achieved by making some wind pressure analysis on ecotect and orienting the thinner part of the build in the same direction of the highest wind current. Also some incidental radiation analysis were made to know the solar exposure of the building this kind of analysis help a lot in order to develop bio climatic systems.Finally i used rhinoscript to make a exoesquleton skin for the building.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my version of a rib builder

Extracting ribs from complex surfaces is one of the clasic scripts that exists so finally y have decided to do my own version it still has some things to fix and also there is missing the massive unroll function to get all the rib sections separate to send it to CNC but the hard part is already finished i will post some photos of the finished work

Monday, October 13, 2008

surface components

Project related with the implementation of components over surface geometries, scripting processes can help us to design and implement diverse components on complex surfaces in order to make more efficient bodies.
Particularly this project had the objective of the elaboration of an algorithm that takes a host surface to generate components that resemble the skin of a reptile, as a result we can see surfaces with a very interesting texture.This work is able to be manufactured becaouse each component is made out of simple triangular planes.

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