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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Arduino + Grasshopper & Firefly experiment

Some weeks ago Andy Payne from Lift Architects announced the release of his first version plugin Firefly which is a specialized set of tools dedicated to bridging the gap between the Arduino interface and Grasshopper , currently the plugin has two components one for receiving data coming from sensors and the other to send parametric data from grasshopper to some sort of actuator via Arduino.

I think Firefly is a great tool for prototyping projects that involve sensors and actuators , because before you actually build it, with this tool you can first model a digital muck up to see how your project elements will behave with real sensor data, so then you can port that same logic to build your real project.

HERE is an experiment I made sending data from a photoresistor to Grasshopper to create a Responsive Structure that reacts to the degree of light of a physical space in real time.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Workshop Advanced Modelling Experience

Last Month we had the Advanced Modelling Workshop at Queretaro city , together with Luis de la Parra and Daniel Camiro we started an initiative called Chido Studio with the purpose of organizing a series of Workshops in that city regarding parametric design strategies & digital fabrication for implementing them in different design processes . The workshop lasted 2 weekends and was divided in three main areas.
1)Traditional Modelling with Rhino
2)Rendering techniques for VRay on 3dMax
3) Parametric design using Grasshopper as our tool for editing algorithms.

I would like to congratulate all the participants for the results obtained during the Workshop , most of them had no prior experience with the softwares and yet the learning speed of the course was really impressive.At the end , participants ended with the basic tools and knowledge to start developing their own algorithms in order to approach their design problems in parametric and generative way.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Responsive Honeycomb Morphologies [Gh3D]

Continuing with the experimentation and research of honeycomb morphologies and a as example for a Workshop I gave recently I developed a Grasshopper tool for creating a responsive skin system ,using my previous VB script component for creating honeycomb patterns.

For more information and definition downlad click HERE

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