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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Studio Banana collaboration

Last weekend I went to Madrid to visit the guys of Studio Banana and to give an introduction class of Parametric Design using Grasshoper for the students who attended the Rhinoceros Workshop of the studio, I had a great time visiting the studio and the people who works there.And I had the opportuniy to teach the studnets about the benefits of implementig parametric systems into their designs.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Processing Warm Up

After several weeks i finally was able to find some time this weekend to play again with processing
scince I got here to barcelona I have been very busy finding a place to live ,giving a lecture and organizing a workshop among other things.
This is a quick sketch I made for practice purposses here are some images generated by tweaking some of the parameters I wanted to post a video to show how its generated but currently at home I just have a very old pc and I cant record video I will use this skecth for a more complex application using traer physics library also I would like to implement some functionality with audio I hope to find some space the to work on this on the next days.

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