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Sunday, March 30, 2008

voronoi lamp progress

Here are some photos from de progress of the Voronoi lamp , here you can see some testings i did with Corian for bending it the surface is 7mm thick an in order to bend it correctly i put it in the oven ata temperature of 140 cº for 15 minutes aproximately,there are also some pictures of the new mold i have made for the definitive prototipe ,the lower part of the lamp its made of acrylic were we can see also a picture of this part.The electrical components are also ready , i use a photoresistor this one is sesitive to the light so when there is light in the room the lights are off and as soon as it gets darker the leds will start to go on ,like street lamps do. Finally we can see a picture of the first model at dark and with lights one so we can give us an idea of how light passes through the voronoi diagrams made on the corian surface.

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