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Monday, December 1, 2008

parametric facade experiment

This a project i developed with some architecture students of the ITESM , the objective was to develop the facade of a building under certain parametric conditions which had to deal with the building itself and the urban landscapes that surround the area. The idea of the project is to make some apertures on the facade by linking parametrically the building with the other landscapes.
So depending on the distance that its between the building and the local landscapes the apertures respond in amplitude, in other words if the building its near to a landscape the apertures go wider and if it is the opposite the apertures go narrower.

To achieve this i made a grashopper definition wich infuence a set of curves with a repulsive behaivior , linked to a set of points wich represent the other buildings , this points affect the curves depending the distance that there is between each of the curves and the evaluation point.


yang said...

nice job

Anonymous said...

alumnos del itesm?? de que campus?

FaTiH said...

hello, good job

im writing a bachelors degree thesis in architecture can you send me informations about this experiment please.


Anonymous said...

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