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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Populating components Diagrid Box [Grasshopper]

Many of us have probably used the popular method of proliferating a component over surface using the box surface and box morphing components which actually is very useful , however it has the limitation that you can only arrange your components in a quadrangular grid and there maybe sometimes we need a different arrange or sequence for populating our surfaces, last weekend I was talking about this with Marysol Kraviez a student of the DIA Master at Dessau of and she send me a discussion from the Grasshopper page of people addressing this problem, I found very good and interesting approaches and I decided to make a  small contribution by making a definition based on one that I saw over there for creating box surfaces in a diagrid arrange using a VB script I have used for other works, hope you find it useful.

As always you can find more about this project and the definition for download at my  SITE

1 comment:

David Martin said...

Box surface and box morphing components is actually is very easy and useful. Yes there is some limitations but still its pretty much useful.

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